Tyler Griffiths

LARPing Stardew Valley


Or, in other words, I finally got an allotment.

I've been on the waiting list for a plot at a local allotment since November, and eventually found my way to the top. The plot I've taken on is quite nice, with a few fruit trees (one very well established), a small rose bush, some artichokes and rhubarb. Quite nice and well-kept ground, so it won't be too difficult to get things growing.

I got the email informing me a plot was available a week or two ago, so I've already been to the garden centre and started off some tomato (Sweet Apéritif) and courgette (Astia) seedlings to plant out in a month or two.

In the end I had a choice of two plots -- one open one with a shed, and the other segmented into three sections, with some trees (a well-established pear, some small apple trees, and perhaps a cherry tree), well-established rhubarb and globe artichoke, a smallish (quite overgrown) rose bush, what appear to be raspberry plants, and a few miscellaneous flowers, and rosemary. It'll be a bit more work to get things going, but I chose the second plot, conscious that it's already quite far into the growing season.

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